“I Love Truly A Shopper” Weekly Winner
7th – 13th March & 14th – 20 March

Announcing winner for the weekly contest
07-03-2011 ~ 13-03-2011 and 14-03-2011 ~ 20-03-2011


Username: tammy
Website: http://www.plusizekitten.com/
Prize: Shopping Voucher worth RM50 from C & E Shoe Boutique @ Fahrenheit88


Username: wendypua
Website: http://devil2teng.blogspot.com/
Prize: Shopping Voucher worth RM50 from MIRCOZ


The lucky winners for “I Love Truly A Shopper @ Facebook” contest.

Display Name: Brian Lim
Facebook: Brian’s FB
Prize: Shopping Voucher worth RM100 from Rip Curl

Display Name: Mahaletchumi Raja
Facebook: Mahaletchumi Raja’s FB
Prize: Shopping Voucher worth RM100 from Rip Curl

What? Why they get RM100 instead of RM50? Simply because they has change their profile photo to the “Truly A Shopper” logo! Just 1 extra steps and she has double her reward! As for the regular visitors to our official website, don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to double or even triple your reward as well, just stay tuned for more upcoming contest!

We’ll pick 2 more lucky winner next week. You should be the lucky one! Found out how here!


And the NEW Daily Prizes Give Away winner:

16th March ~ margieleow
17th March ~ mfl229
18th March ~ Alynna Zana
19th March ~ noorhamizie
20th March ~ Imani
Prize: 2x FREE 1 Head Charge / 1 Hour Room Charge Voucher from RedBox Karaoke


Updated On 23 March, 2011

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