A 2 minutes drill…

I’m just like most men, but not all, one of the 14.26 million men in Malaysia, one of the 3.49 billion men in the world, shopping is like a “Fire Drill – Grab & Run”! Why’s that? Well, it’s just like “GRAB” the important items, and “RUN” to the exit! But of course, need to first swipe the wonder plastic card (a.k.a credit card) before exiting! Hahaha!! Besides, as I’m living in the “Boleh” land, and used to work in a “Can Do” IT consulting company, time is always a luxury for me. For those who are close to me, will know that I spent most of my time in the office and drowned by works and emails! Nevertheless, amazingly I still love my previous employer and my previous profession even up until today, despite I’ve been out of the industry for about 6 months now!

So, what’s a recent shopping experience that I’m so proud of? Well, there is one that I would like to share. It wasn’t how many items that I bought, it wasn’t how long that I shopped, it definitely wasn’t how expensive the item that I paid for. Instead, it was how quick that I shopped – “A Two Minutes Drill” 🙂

Well, it was a Chinese New Year eve. As the only son at home and yet still single, so typically I’m the one who do most of the chores, cleaning, errands, prayer preparation etc along with my mom’s help! Therefore, Chinese New Year eve is always a busy day for me. As I’m coming from a rather traditional Chinese family, wearing RED color of clothes on the first day of Chinese New Year is a “hidden rule” in my family! Hahaha…  Usually I always have some “stocks” for new clothes that I bought from factory outlet in overseas. Apparently I was running out of stocks last year and I wasn’t aware about it at all! By the time I found out, it’s already Chinese New Year eve! I vaguely remember it was about 9pm. So I quickly ran to a nearby mall to buy a new clothes. By the way, I heard that there would be a factory outlet built in JB, hooray!!

When I reached at the mall, I went up to the men section right away. Upon stepping into the men section, my head was just turning from left to right and my eyes was just scanning 360 degree like an owl! Hahaha… Almost instantaneously, there was a red t-shirt that really caught my eyes. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was just what I needed – could express the feel of happiness, energy and Chinese New Year mood! I picked up 2 sizes, M & L, to try out in the fitting room. At the end, L size fitted me better. The whole process, from the moment I stepped into the men section until I decided to buy the L size t-shirt, took me less than 2 minutes! And the best part is, it wasn’t very expensive also!! Hehehe… 

 Unfortunately, my “2 minutes drill” ended when I reached at the cash register as the queue was long!! It definitely took more than 2 minutes for me to make the payment for 1 item!!  Anyway, what I learned and why I was so proud of this experience was, I should always shop at the last minutes!!  Hahaha… just kidding! Well, sometimes (not all the time), we will perform better under pressure. Just don’t think too much and go with the flow, you might find some unexpected surprises…. 🙂  Let’s see how well or how bad will I do in the upcoming shopping contest under intense circumstances – limited time & limited budget!!

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Updated On 6 April, 2011

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              • Chai

                About the site layout, i’m so sorry i’m not the right person to answer your question 🙁 Nevertheless, i’m glad you like the site!! Thanks 🙂

                April 29 2011

                • Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

                  April 27 2011
                  • Chai

                    Hi momochii,
                    Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 But if you don’t mind, can you please elaborate a little bit more? Are you trying to ask about the layout / design of the blog or the article itself? Thanks!

                    April 27 2011

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