I’m Truly A Practical Shopper

Like always, I like my life to be interesting and adventurous, it’s actually quite a big decision for me to take part in this competition. I’m always occupied with work, study or something else. This is definitely something new to me. As I’m normally a crew running around during event, but today, all I have to do is just sit around and wait for everything to be done and perform! Reality show is definitely a long hour production involving a lot of hard work from a lot of great people. All of us had a very long day, I just want to express my gratitude to all of the crew, shoppers and also organizations that make all of this happening.

OK, back to what I am good at, SHOP! and STYLE! As a shopper without much budget, I always manage to dig and get something great from some boring place, even from Giant, believe it or not! For work, I have to pick up stuffs from some boutiques or retail shops for fashion spread or magazine shoot very often. Every time after I mix and match and hang out all my stuffs in the studio, all of them will just stop by and “shop” my wardrobe, they can always find something they like and buy it right away after the shoot. And soon after the shoot, they will head to that particular shop themselves and come back complaining to me that they could not find anything there.

I don’t know, I just have this special taste and instinct for wardrobe, and I am patient enough to shop very detail and can keep everything in my mind note. By having this capability, I always get calls like “Hey, Swing. I am looking for a Charlie Chaplin black cone hat. Do you know where can I get it?….with good price?”
“I am looking for funky colorful leg warmer, where should I go?”

Ya, somehow I’m a wardrobe shopping directory. ; )

Now I am going to share my “style” with all of you, I’ll try my best to recall where I get those stuffs and how much is that, starting from what I wear to the shooting of Truly A Shopper reality show first episode shooting.

1. Bangles 1- Bead zone, RM 19.90
Bangles 2&3 – Bead zone, 2 for RM 10
Bracelet 4 – Giza Mall Bazaar@A loft of things RM10
Colorful Ring – Suanlum Market, Bangkok; RM 10
(Ya, I am a accessories lover! And I love bazaaaaar! )

2. Snake Ring – Vincci, RM 39.90, 40% discount
Gold & Black Wing Ring – PWTC beauty fair ,2 for RM 10
( I particularly love wings. To me wing is significant of dream and freedom, and there’s a “wing” in Swing, that’s why I like it!)

3. Mix-material legging – Ximenting,Taipei; RM 39
(Only your knee will sweat during noon,haha!)

4. Beige Wedges – Ximenting,Taipei; RM 79
(One of my favorite shoes!)

5. Beaded-Tiger-T – Platinum Mall,Hatyai; RM 25
(This is one of my favorite T so far! <3)

6. Leopard print thin scarf- Damansara Perdana Bazaar, RM 5
(Told you I like Bazaar!)

For the First Challenge (Detail), we are given a total of RM 500 voucher from 3 stores, but we can’t spend more than RM 200 in one store, so these are the item that I manage to grab.

This is what I wear for the Day, I can go to the office or attend a meeting in this.

1. Vintage Top – JASPAL RM 159.00
2. Black Wedges – Facebook online store RM 69.90
(I brought this shoes, we do not have enough budget for shoe.)
3. Belt – ROXY RM 139.90, 40% discount
4. Red Dress – SALABIANCA RM 199.00, 10% discount
TOTAL RM 497.90

This is how I fold my dress and made it a skirt.

And, this is what I do for Night, attending a fashion event, or even a party.
1. I twist the ROXY belt and made it a necklace.
2. Add a colorful socks, from Wufenpu,Taipei, RM15.
3. Then I wear the same dress in the ordinary way.

I hope you like my transformation and my look for the first episode. If you have any question on my wardrobe or styling, just leave me comments and I’ll try my best to answer.

Thanks for the judges’ affirmation and thanks for all the supports that makes me where I am now.

Stay tune for the second episode next Thursday at http://www.trulyashopper.com/webisode

And remember to like us at Facebook http://www.facebook.com/trulyashopper

Kisses & Hugs

Your Truly A Practical Shopper,

Swing C.


Updated On 25 April, 2011

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